Swiss referendum for a ‘one planet’ future

Switzerland currently has a global (ecological) footprint that would require three planet Earths to sustain if the rest of the world enjoyed its material standard of living. In a remarkable world first referendum on 25 September 2016 its voters were asked to approve a target for reducing the country’s levels of consumption to ensure a ‘one planet’ future by 2050, Here are the results in summary and here is the commentary on the results by Mathis Wackernagel, the founder of the Global Footprint Network.

As expected, economy trumps ecology, material self-interest trumps commitment to a sustainable future for our descendents, possibly our own children and grandchildren. But nevertheless, this 34% vote for the goal of long-term socio-ecological sustainablity is a major indicator of the increasing awareness of the need for an ethic of sufficiency if Spaceship Earth is to remain a Safe Operating Space (SOS) for humanity and other sentient species.

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