The Ideology of Power & Greed

 jurmala-ppt – these are the slides from the powerpoint presentation and these propositions-symposium-on-equity-and-quality are the handouts the from the symposium run by David Oldroyd in which equity between the ‘Machine World’ (the result of human activity) and the Natural World (The Planet Earth as a Spaceship on which all species depend) is proposed as the most important and ignored inequity of our current Anthropocene Age. Without restoring the balance between the Machine and Natural Worlds the quality of all our lives will be severely threatened, If societies’ leaders and educational leaders fail to place this global challenge at the centre of their concerns, then the collapse of global systems will come sooner than we think. A strong predication is that 2030-2040 will be the time of collapse and maybe it is already underway!!

The presentation entitled “Basic Beliefs that underlie equity and equality for future Well-being” was built around a map of core ideologies developed by Slav Heller that contrasts core worldviews of ‘exapansionism’ with those of ‘sustainablility’. The latter are dominated by the former in both our societies and our education systems, but expansion of human impact on the natural world cannot be sustained much longer. The presentation in Jurmala argued that by 2030 to 2040 the collapse of global systems would commence in earnest and would become unstoppable. This arises from blindness to the consequences of current exponentially accelerating human impacts  driven by what Heller terms the Ideology of Power & Greed.

Richard Heinberg’ latest relevant article is worth reading:   Exploring the Gap Between Business-as-Usual and Utter Doom

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