Trade Deals vs. Climate Agreements

There has been much controversy, at least in the ‘progressive’ media about the secretly negotiated trade agreements that currently are proposing the empowerment of global corporations to prosecute nations whose policies appear to limit the profits of these global giant companies. These highly complex international agreements also tilt the balance away from protecting the rights of workers in favour of corporate interests. In the US presidential campaign these  agreements (TPP, TTIP, CETA, etc.) have become an issue.

This article looks at another impact that the emerging trade deals might have –  they could undermine and conflict with the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement to curb CO2 emissions. That agreement now seems likely to come into force following the G20 Hangchou meeting which confirmed China and the USA’s commitment. So there appears to be potential conflict between the two sets of international agreements: one protecting the profits of global trading corporations, the other protecting the global environment. Another example of profit over people and planet?

The article is based on a report from an interest group representing the interests of non-corporate agricultural producers – The Institute of Agricultural and Trade Policy. You can read the full report upon which the article was based: The Climate Cost of Free Trade: How the TPP and trade deals undermine the Paris climate agreement.

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