UK political setback for environment

In this typically well-researched article George Monbiot laments the elimination in the new UK cabinet of the department for climate change and the appointment of awowedly pro-business ministers with lamentable records in relation to environmental protection. Here is an extract from his trenchant criticism of the post-Cameron government arrangements of the new Prime Minister Theresa May:

We have a environment secretary whose ideology urges her to see the environment as an impediment to profit, a communities secretary whose every fibre rebels against the planning system and an international trade secretary who used his previous post in government to connect mysteriously with American corporate lobby groups. We no longer have a climate change secretary, of any description. We have a government that treats the Earth’s systems, upon which our survival depends, as an afterthought. Or not a thought at all.

Once again we see the universal tendency by those in power to place expansionist values of profit and the growth of GDP ahead of considering the crucial need to ensure a sustainable planet and environment for humankind and other species. These anthropocentric values (“the earth exists primarily as a resource to enrich  those humans able to profit from exploiting nature”) fuel exponential human impact on nature as well as great disparities in well-being within the human species. This small corner of Spaceship Earth does not seem to be in very safe hands!

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