The rise of Pirate Parties

Brexit has demonstrated yet another manifestation of the disillusionment with conventional political parties and their self-serving, often corrupt neglect of government for all the people, by the people. This article from Truth-out describes how a radical new form of democracy has risen rapidly in the small country of Iceland after the 2008 collapse of its banks and the revelations of devious financial actions of its Prime Minister.

“Started as a Swedish movement in 2006, the Pirate Party advocated for copyright reform and freedom of access to information. It championed whistleblowers and defended WikiLeaks. After expanding its platform to include civil liberties and direct democracy, the party grew: it now boasts chapters in approximately 60 countries“.

“Iceland’s Pirates are not alone. Disaffected citizens on both sides of the Atlantic and both sides of the ideological divide — from the Tea Partiers to the Feel-the-Berners, from the Leavers of Britain to Spain’s Podemos and Nuit Debout in France — have promoted insurgent campaigns, attempting to reinvigorate democracy and bring representation into the 21st century.”

This CASE website is about community action and these developments offer food for not just thought, but also for possible radical alternative politcal action. Global politics currently are dominated by elites that seem to be largely oblivious to the imapct of their policies on those with less political power but also upon the life support systems of Spaceship Earth. Could a Pirate incursion offer hope for a better governed, more democratic Spaceship Earth? As Yogi Berra, master of malapropisms, told us – “The future is not what it used to be!”

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