‘Stunning’ Sea Level Rise

New research is pointing to much a much faster rise in sea levels than formerly anticipated sue to anthropogenic warming and the melting of ice in various parts of the planet. This article in Scientific American provides as summary of the findings which describe a ‘stunning’ acceleration in the increase of sea levels around the world.

US Supreme Court stalls climate legislation

The politicisation of environmental protection in the US which is the world’s second greatest national contributor of green house gases to the atmosphere of Spaceship Earth is reported in this article. President Obama, in his last year of office, seems likely to have his pledge at the Paris Climate Summit stalled by a 4 to 3 vote in the US Supreme Court that split along Republican and Democratic lines. The whole eight years of Obama’s hopes of progressive change in the corporate-dominated US has been thwarted by the Republican majority in Congress and now the Supreme Court’s political leanings towards the interests of big business are adding to Obama’s frustrated presidential term that will condemn him to be seen as  a leader unable to deliver on his ‘audacity of hope’.

A Leap Initiative in Leap Year?

This Guardian article by Naomi Klein is yet another high profile initiative (Leap) to address the predicament of human impact on Spaceship Earth’s natural systems including the atmosphere. It includes the prediction:

Christiana Figueres, the executive secretary of the UN framework convention on climate change, said recently: “Where capital goes in the next five years will decide what kind of world we have.”

There is a link to the Leap Manifesto and the article is worth reading even if only to see the numerous comments from readers that illustrate the usual worrying range of conflicting opinion on what should be unequivocally obvious about the near future and what awaits us.