The first universally understood symbol?

Resilience is a daily free on-line source of ‘progressive’ news about environmental matters that is  not beholden to corporate advertisers. As the COP 21 meeting gets underway in Paris, this article* suggests the a new grand narrative has now emerged around the issue of climate change and its implications.  Irrespective of one’s perspective on climate change, the author argues that the whole of humanity is at least talking about this truly global phenomenon in a way that has never before captured humanity’s attention.

*Climate change is our grand narrative now

There is now one grand narrative which ties us all together, whether we want to be connected or not, whether we are preoccupied with our personal, community or national narratives or not. That is the narrative of our changing climate and the resulting threat to the continuity of our world civilization. The upcoming climate talks in Paris this week are but one expression of this new reality.

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