China’s Rachel Carson?

This one hour and 40 minute film about China’s pollution was today taken off the internet by the Chinese authorities as the BBC website reports. “BBC News – China takes Under the Dome anti-pollution film offline” – the huge popularity of an impassioned, independent film on the issue appears to have made the communist authorities nervous. Seen by over 100 million viewers before it was removed, the investigative journalist Ms Chai in a very personal way, presents a fact-filled, desperate picture of government indifference and failure to apply environmental laws against particulate pollution of the air in particular, as well as criticising the state-owned monopolies of energy and manufacturing industries that cause the pollution. She compares the lack of progress in China in maintaining clean air with long-standing improvements made in western countries where there is less corruption and where environmental laws are actually enforced.

The film is sub-titled in English and Ms Chai has been dubbed as the Rachel Carson of China and even compared with Al Gore for his high-impact climate change presentation “An Inconvenient Truth”.  While doubt was sown on Gore’s alarmism by the interests of big business, at least his views and Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” were not removed from circulation!

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