The Oxfam Doughnut

The Oxfam Doughnut model, popularised by Kate Raworth, brings together research on planetary boundaries and human development with the concept of a ‘safe & just operating space’ for humanity. In this Oxfam blog, Katherine Trebeck introduces the model as it applies to the UK and finds that on many of the key indicators of planetary and social well-being, there are significant problems.:

The UK’s impact upon planetary boundaries is far beyond what its population size can justify. The UK significantly outstrips proposed boundaries in nearly all of the environmental domains identified … At the same time, inequalities in the distribution of the UK’s wealth are causing deprivation across many indicators as people find themselves out of work, unable to afford to heat their homes and forced to visit food banks or simply go without enough food.

The original 22-page report by Raworth was A Safe and Just Space for Humanity Oxfam Discussion Paper, February 2012. It is relevant reading as the UN’s  2015 Sustainable Development Goals are being formulated

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