Implications of 4 degree global warming

Jeremy William’s blog is my favourite source of material and links on the issues that relate to the well-being or otherwise of our civilisation’s future on Spaceship Earth. In this week’s blog he introduces the World Bank’s Report “4 degrees: Turn down the heat” which firmly links climate change to human development. Here is an extract:

If the planet continues warming to 4°C, climatic conditions, heat and other weather extremes considered highly unusual or unprecedented today would become the new climate normal—a world of increased risks and instability.

The consequences for development would be severe as crop yields decline, water resources change, diseases move into new ranges, and sea levels rise. The task of promoting human development, of ending poverty, increasing global prosperity, and reducing global inequality will be very challenging in a 2°C world, but in a 4°C world there is serious doubt whether this can be achieved at all.

Another Williams blog on the implications of different rates and levels of carbon emissions is here. It is based on the Carbon Brief a website that reports daily on the latest developments and media coverage of climate science and energy policy, with a particular focus on the UK. 

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