UNESCO on-line Library of Science

A new on-line global library of resources for science teaching and learning was launched on 10 November . The World Library of Science, launched by UNESCO and two partners, will give students and teachers around the world access to the latest science information and the opportunity to create a “global community for science education”, the developers say.

The library ‘contains’ more than 300 articles, 25 eBooks and some 70 videos, as well as a digital platform that “provides a community hub” for learning, according to UNESCO, which created the site jointly with the international Nature Education publishing group and the Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche.

The United Nations agency says it will “dedicate special attention to training teachers and students in least developed countries” in how to use the WLoS, so as to “equalise” and “accelerate” science education.

As reported by  University World News “The world needs more science and more scientists to face today’s global challenges,” said UNESCO’s Director General Irina Bokova. “Achieving this requires better and more accessible science education.” She added that the WLoS project highlights science education to “address global and local problems”.

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