Copenhagen Accord ignored

The Copenhagen Accord of 2009 was a non-binding international agreement by states to attempt to limit global warming to within 2 degrees Centigrade. It is hardly featured in public dialogue or the mainstream press and this week’s report that the G20 nation states are investing 88 billion USD dollars in subsidising the corporate search for new sources of fossil fuels will also receive little press coverage except in the on-line, non-commercial progressive news outlets. This article in Common Dreams is one of those outlets. The report (a link to the pdf is in the article) recommends the immediate phasing out of these subsidies if the Copenhagen Accord is to mean anything. Another article in Truth-out points out that these huge state subsidies come in the wake of recent news of global emissions rising 2.3 percent in 2013 to set yet another record and marking the largest year-to-year increase in 30 years, the IPCC announced that the world isn’t moving anywhere near fast enough to have a chance at mitigating the impacts of ACD (anthropogenic climate disruption) in any real way.

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