Global Wealth maldistribution accelerates

In the year between mid 2013 and mid-2014 world wealth increased by 8.3% (a rate of doubling every 8.5 years)

The growth added $20.1 trillion to global assets

Total global wealth (assets and income combined) is now $263 trillion comared to $117 trillion in 2000

The richest 1% own 48.2% of these global assets

The richest 10% own 87%

The poorest 50% own less than 1%

And the inequality among passengers of Spaceship Earth continues to accelerate.



One thought on “Global Wealth maldistribution accelerates”

    This link shows that the rate of growth in global domestic product (GDP) slowed down to 4.49 % in 2013, and the gross world product reached $87 trillion. This is the fourth year in a row that the global GDP fell. The rate of growth was much faster in the emerging economies which accounted for 50% of the increase. The International Monetary Fund forecasts growth among developing economies to rise from 4.7 % in 2013 to 5% in 2014 and then to 5.25 % in 2015. This growth can be traced to the rise of an affluent middle class and a rapid migration of young workers to cities, which encourages more business investment in developing countries. According to the United Nations, Asia and other emerging economies will account for two thirds of the approximately 370 million people who will have moved to cities by 2015. So, wealth among the passengers of Spaceship Earth is redistributing geographically as well as socially!


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