False hope about the future?

Paul Kingsnorth was the co-founder of the Dark Mountain project, a crowd-sourced initiative of writers and artists in the UK who seek to make a creative response to the dark future that they see for Spaceship Earth. In this interview (link here) Rob Hopkins, the founder of the Transition Movement, also in the UK, explores with Kingsnorth why environmentalism and the ‘green movement’ still cling to the hope that large scale global transformations can be controlled by reasonable policies and action. The conclusion is that local action is worthwhile, but that trying to mend a decaying system premised on unsustainable growth will not prevent its collapse. Although the notion of ‘glocal’ action – linking local action to global thinking, action and transformation – is not used in the discussion, Kingsnorth argues that this is false hope. Thus he would probably see the longer-term purpose of this CASE website as unattainable, while still encouraging us to expose what is really happening to Spaceship Earth so that, at least, we can help the next generation face the future with open eyes.

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