A Community Action Website Closes Down

There are too many websites for any single person to follow that relate to promoting the well-being of Spaceship Earth and its existing web-of-life passengers.  Our website is just starting up hoping to attract more followers. Meanwhile the non-profit on-line community of 80000 followers – Wiser Earth – has announced that it will close and archive its materials in April 2014. It issued this message with several links to similar sites:

“We have been working with partners who will help re-purpose parts of Wiser.org’s content and support our community. Once our site is closed, the following partners have offered to build upon our data set:

  • Guidestar – “Revolutionize philanthropy by providing information about non-profits”
  • TechSoup Global – “Leverage technology for social change”
  • Founding Family – “Evolving American democracy”
  • Earth Deeds – “Transforming carbon footprints”
  • Amp – “Find and share best sustainability resources”

For members who would like to continue to network, build collaborations and take action on the ground, we are recommending the following networks:

  • Idealist – “Connect with 90,000 organizations to help build a better world”
  • Bioneers – “Revolution from the Heart of Nature”
  • The Pachamama Alliance – “Educates, inspires and empowers committed people everywhere to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable world”
  • Transition US – “Building Community Resilience through local grassroots actions”
  • Netsquared – “Connecting People for the Common Good’
  • Women’s Earth Alliance – ‘To invest in grassroots women’s leadership to drive solutions to our most pressing ecological concerns’

Many fruitful collaborations have taken place and Wiser.org members have hosted over 184 WiserLocal gatherings in 38 cities across the world”.

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